1. When does the University accept applications? Are applications submitted once a year for the Fall Semester or is it possible to apply also for the Spring Semester?

Applications may be submitted twice a year either for the Spring or the Fall semesters. For the fall semester, there are an early decision and a regular decision period.

2. The department I would like to apply to requires a grade point average of 2.80 (2.50) or more out of 4.00. My average is 2.79 (2.49) may I still apply?

No. In order to apply to the programs, averages should be above the stated thresholds.

3. I would like to apply for a Ph.D program. Is undergraduate or graduate grade point average taken into consideration?

Both undergraduate and graduate grade point averages are considered while evaluating the applications. Ph.D applicants must have at least 2.80 or 2.50 undergraduate grade point averages depending on the department to which the application is being submitted.

4. All my required documents are ready except the one  indicating my English proficiency. Furthermore, my TOEFL result is announced on the web but I haven’t received a hardcopy because of a delay in the postal service. May I hand in my TOEFL result after the application period? May I apply for the graduate programs?

The applications will be evaluated based on other academic credentials, even if the language requirements are not satisfied or are not documented. If an applicant is accepted to a graduate program without satisfying the language requirements he/she will be required to attend the English preparatory school of the University before starting the graduate program. In any case, the language requirements must be satisfied before a student can take courses from a degree program. The deadline for submission of documents is the registration period. If the language proficiency document can not be provided by the deadline and if the student does not attend the English preparatory school, the application will be deemed unsuccessful. No scholarships are granted to students attending the English preparatory school.

5. My GRE result is announced in the web, but I haven’t received a hardcopy because of a delay with the postal service. My I hand in my GRE result after the application period?

No. If a GRE result is required for an application, the results must be submitted within the application period.

6. Do I have to take the PAE exam given by Bilkent University School of English Language to document my English proficiency?

No. It is sufficient to take at least one of the exams listed in the graduate school web page and achieve the required score.

7. I completed my undergraduate (graduate) degree abroad. My university does not hand transcripts to me directly. Can it be sent to your University?

Yes, transcripts can be sent directly to our University. But please keep in mind that there might be delays in the postal service.

8. Do transfer students get accepted to the graduate programs? If so, what are the requirements?

Transfers from other universities are not accepted. Transfers within Bilkent programs may be possible with the approval of the department chair and the board of the graduate school.

9. Is it possible to transfer courses taken from another Graduate Program?

It is possible to transfer courses taken from another Program so long as they meet Bilkent University graduate program course requirements and only if these courses are not counted for another degree. An application and an approval are necessary after being accepted to a Program.

10. Instead of applying online, may I apply in person?

No. Only online applications are accepted.